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Being born to Kashmiri parents, I have always marveled at the beauty of Kashmir’s landscape and the tantalizing dance between flavor and spice in it’s regional food. The word Pink Chai is derived from an actual tea brewed in Kashmir that is pink in color and salty. I chose Pink Chai as my site because it is reflective of my Kashmiri heritage and as such no matter where I may be in the world, Pink Chai always reminds me of Kashmir.

My first dabble in the world of photography happened in 7th grade with a Quaker Oats container. In class we learned to paint the inside of the cylinder black, put a pin hole on one side with a sliding door (to mimic a shutter), and tuck a circular piece of photo paper in the lid. The objective was to learn how long to keep the pin hole open to capture an image.Once the capture was done, it was off to the dark room to process the photo paper through the various stages of processing. It also taught me that I really had to like oatmeal.

My family did have an Olympus 35mm camera but it was "off limits” to me. The Olympus was used to take thousands of pictures from the 22+ countries we visited/stayed in. It was during one of those stays in Japan, that I finally was able to save some money in High School to buy a Pentax SLR to alleviate my "camera envy". During college I must have burnt through hundreds of rolls of film till it finally happened: I graduated and got a job.

With my focus on career, I forgot about the fun and pleasure of capturing those split second moments in life through the lens. I did not become a shutter bug again till after I was asked to capture some stills at a wedding. My candid shots were a hit and I never stopped taking pictures after that. Yes I did upgrade my camera to a DSLR and am now part of the Canon family.

Most of the work on this site is presented with very little or no post processing. I am a big fan of presenting what the world is in its natural state. So, take a moment or more to go through what I have to offer you and in the process:

Enjoy it!

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